Perth, AU/Darwin, AU – Saturday, Mar 1st, 2014

Since I got nothing accomplished after the meeting yesterday I wake up early to pack.  My flight leaves at 8:30am and reception at the hostel does not open until 8:30am so I’m not able to arrange a cab.  After packing, I start wheeling around Perth about 6:30am to find a cab.  I have no luck so I head to the train station to ask for help with a cab.  I’m given directions to a cab station outside the train station on Wellington Street.  By now it’s 7:10am and it takes about 20 minutes to get to the airport.  Finally, I get a cab at 7:15am and am off to the airport.  I have hopefully learned my lesson cutting it this close because I went out the night before.  I arrive in Darwin and take the airport shuttle to The Value Inn located in the city center.  The airport shuttle is a bigger mini bus carrying 20 people.  I transfer to the bottom step as before, then up one step, then to the seat.  It’s about a 15 minute ride to the drop off area across the street from my lodging.  The Value Inn entrance is accessible on Mitchell Street.  I’m on the ground floor but they do have a lift to the upper floors.  After unpacking I work on finding a few tours during my stay.  Two tours I’m interested in are Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park.  AAT Kings Tours are right next to The Value Inn.  They do both tours but it’s still the off season (wet season) and they only do big 48 passenger buses.  During the dry season they do small mini bus tours to both places.  Plus most of Kakadu is still flooded and there are limited things to do/see there.  The guy at AAT Kings sends me to the Darwin Visitor Center to check on other options with smaller buses.  The Visitor Center is closed when I get there so I plan to go Sunday morning.  I wheel around to check out the city and wheel down to Bicentennial Park.  This is a park dedicated to the service personnel from the attack by the Japanese in 1943.   After wheeling around for a few hours I stop at The Tap on Mitchell Street, very close to The Value Inn, for dinner. It’s been a long day, especially after a late night Friday, so I head to bed early.

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