Ibis Styles

I stayed at Ibis Styles during my trip to Alice Springs.  The entrance to reception has a small lip up.  The door does lock in the open position making it easy to bump up the lip.  The rest of the reception is accessible.  The staff was very nice and helpful when I needed some assistance, especially Heather in reception.


I stayed in a double room with an en-suite bathroom.  The room is very similar to double rooms in America having two double beds, TV and bathroom.  The bed height is good making it easy to transfer to.  The bathroom is big and easy to maneuver in.  The toilet, sink and mirror height are good.  There is a shower bench and handheld shower.  There is a sliding glass door facing the pool that has about a 4” lip down.

DSCN3053 DSCN3054 DSCN3051 DSCN3052 DSCN3246

The hotel is fairly accessible.  There are small ramps to the dining area and bar.  The bathroom in the bar is not accessible and it would be difficult to make accessible. A wheelchair user can use the bathroom in their room.  Outside the bar is a nice covered patio where you can use the free internet if you you’re your own computer.  Computers are also located by reception.  There are two pools.  One has is a slight downhill slope to the pool, the other is accessible on flat ground.  There is a guest laundry that has a small lip up similar to the reception entrance.

DSCN3240 DSCN3243 DSCN3247 DSCN3244

The location of Ibis Styles is good, only about a 15 minute wheel to Todd Street.  The surrounding area is flat making it easy to wheel.  There’s not much to do since Alice Springs since it’s mainly a staying point for people making trips to Uluru.  The flies can be horrible at times especially when visiting Uluru or the West MacDonnell’s.  A head net for mosquito’s or flies is highly recommended.

Accessibility wise Ibis Styles would receive a 3.5/5 rating


Add small ramps to reception and laundry room similar to the ramp by the bar.

Move cabinet by the door down 6” to 12” to make it easier for wheelchair users with limited hand function to reach A/C on/off slot.


Shower needs a nonslip surface on floor.

Add ramp out sliding glass door to be able to exit incase front door cannot be exited during emergency.

Wheelchair users looking to stay:

Be careful wheeling around late in the evening some of the Aboriginal people can be verbally abusive if you don’t give them money.

Wheelchair users who cannot sweat need to be aware of the heat in summer.

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