Chiang Mai, Elephant Nature Park

Thursday was a trip to the Elephant Nature Park. They rescue elephants from the logging industry, some that have been injured by snares, and some abused from tourism. They do tremendous work. Our guide Job was great explaining the history of the park and very knowledgeable about all the elephants. @ElephantNatureP #ElephantNaturePark

After that we visited Wat Loi Khro and Wat Phanthong just out side the old city. Not as elaborate as the previous two temples but still very nice.

A very long but rewarding day for Bryson Justus and I. The Elephant Nature Park is a must see if you visit Chiang Mai.

One response to “Chiang Mai, Elephant Nature Park

  1. The elephant sanctuary – what a great organization for these magnificent animals. You’re seeing a truly different part of the world. Travel safe.

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