Emperor’s Crown Backpackers

I stayed at Emperor’s Crown in Perth.  There is a ramp up to reception and a lift to the first floor.  I stayed in a single room with en-suite bathroom, fridge and TV.  The room and bathroom were clean.  The room is medium size but easy to maneuver in a wheelchair.  The bed is a good height making it easy to transfer to.  The bathroom is good sized with the toilet height good, a handheld shower and curtain around the shower.  I had to use a plastic chair that was in the room to shower because there was no folding shower bench attached to the wall in the shower.  I could not get my legs under the sink in the bathroom.  Mirror height was good but it was a little far away.  The courtyard was located outside my room that got a little loud a few times.

DSCN3493 DSCN3494 001 003 004 005

My room was on the main floor where the TV lounge, computers and kitchen are located.  You receive 30 minutes fee internet for each day you stay.  The common areas were very clean.  I saw the lady at reception during check in but never had any other contact with the staff.  I did not have to do laundry so I don’t know how accessible it is.  One night I came home late and the lift was at the top with the door not all the way shut.  The lift would not return to the ground floor.  A guest came in shortly after me and shut the door on the lift, if this had not happened I might have been stuck on the ground floor some of the night.

DSCN3486 DSCN3487 DSCN3485

Emperor’s Crown is about a 10 minute wheel to Perth city center and a 25 minute wheel to The Bell Tower.  There are a few hills to wheel up/down but for the most part the location is not too bad.  There is some good night life down James Street about a 10-15 minute wheel from the backpackers.  I would recommend a day trip to Rottnest Island while in Perth.

Accessibility wise Emperor’s Crown would receive a 3.5/5 rating


Folding shower bench attached to wall.

Shower needs a nonslip surface on floor.

Modify sink in bathroom for wheelchair user to be able to legs under.

Added mirror to wall in bathroom or in room for easier use by wheelchair user.

Put notice on lift to make sure door is completely shut.

Wheelchair users looking to stay:

Wheelchair users who cannot sweat need to be aware of the heat in summer.

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