Devere Hotel

I based my booking on wheelchair accessibility, but money was a major deciding factor along with location. The Devere Hotel main entrance has a small step up then 5 steps down to the lobby.  A wheelchair user needs to get the attention of the person working reception to unlock the side gate because you have to enter down the walkway through side entrance by the reception desk.  I knew I would have to enter the hotel through the side walkway before booking.  The side walkway is a slight grade down to the door.  There is a small lip to bump over through the entrance.  To get to the elevator/lift there are two sets of steps, each with a ramp.  The ramp to the first landing is too steep for most wheelchair users to wheel up by themselves.  The second ramp is much easier to wheel up.  The door opening to the elevator/lift may be too small for people in wider wheelchairs.

DSCN0869 phone 1215 DSCN0867 DSCN1523 DSCN0872 DSCN0871

The room was big and easy to maneuver around in a wheelchair.  The height of the bed was good and easy to transfer to.  The height of the toilet and sink were good.  There was a shower bench and handheld shower.

DSCN1533 DSCN1534 DSCN1531

The staff was good, very nice and willing to help.  I did someone from reception to help me up the first ramp on a daily basis.  You do have to pay for internet.  They do have a guest laundry but it is not accessible.  Clean hotel with no frills.  The hotel is located on a hill but it’s pretty easy to wheel up the hill to Kings Cross.  I felt very safe at all times wheeling around Potts Point, Kings Cross and Sydney.

DSCN0942 DSCN0943 DSCN0865 DSCN0864 DSCN1088

The location OK, the train system is easy to figure out.  Getting to downtown Sydney is pretty cheap with a return ticket costing $5 Australian dollars and only takes about 15 minutes.  The train was only a 10 minute wheel from the hotel.  There are curb cutouts around the city making it easy to wheel.  There are many hills, some bigger than others.


Accessibility wise the Devere Hotel would receive a 2.5/5 rating.


A small ramp to front entrance landing to be able to use intercom for after hours entrance.

Ramp to first landing should be extended a minimum of 6 feet. (ADA code in the USA is 1 foot in length per 1” in height.  Example:  for 24” in total height the ramp must be 24 feet long.  I know this is not possible in some instances but extending ramps as long as possible to make them as accessible as possible is recommended.)

Shower needs a nonslip surface on floor.

Wheelchair users looking to stay:

Be aware that you need to enter the hotel through the side walkway.

Ask hotel to measure the width of the side entrance door and the elevator/lift opening before booking.

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