Southwark Apartments

Southwark Apartments are located, in what I was told a good location, but because of the earthquake in 2011 it’s hard to know.  There are still damaged buildings needing demolished and not a lot of rebuilding needed.  The entrance is an automatic glass sliding door.  There is a lift able to accommodate one wheelchair at a time.  The door to my room was very heavy.  A cabinet for housekeeping was located in the hallway to the room that will need to be moved for wider wheelchairs.  The room is small but very accessible with ensuite bathroom, microwave and fridge.  The bed height is good and easy to transfer to.  To close/open the window blinds by the bed you must transfer to the bed because the blinds are above the bed.  I could not reach to close the other blinds because the counter top was in the way.  The sink height in bathroom was good.  The mirror above the sink is high.  The shower has a seat and a handheld shower.  There is free WIFI.  A guest laundry room is located on the 3rd floor.  There is a lounge/TV area with fully equipped kitchen and balcony.  My room and the common areas were very clean.  Besides housekeeping, I only saw guy that checked me in once and that was during check in.

DSCN2042 DSCN2047 DSCN1925 DSCN1924 DSCN1927 ??????????????????????????????? DSCN2048 DSCN2049

When I was in Christchurch it was still badly affected by the earthquake.  Sidewalks were difficult to wheel on, only a few restaurants had been rebuilt and I didn’t meet any other tourists when I was there.  I tried to book a wine tour but I was the only one interested, they had no reservations during the week I as in Christchurch.

DSCN2028 DSCN2012

Accessibility wise Southwark Apartments would receive a 4/5 rating.


The mirror in the bathroom could be lower.

Shower needs a nonslip surface on floor.

Install a curtain around the shower.

Wheelchair users looking to stay:

I would recommend a wheelchair user to stay at Southwark if you are looking for accessible lodging in Christchurch.

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