Hunter Valley Wine Tour with Kangarrific Tours

My Hunter Valley Wine Tour with Kangarrific Tours was great.  It’s almost impossible to find tours with accessible vehicles.  The vehicle was a Toyota mini bus.  Our driver/guide for the day was Sam.  I was able to transfer to the floor then transfer to the seat.  We had 13 people for the tour.  Our first stop was at the Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park.  It took about 1 hour to get to the park from Sydney.  This is park for mostly kangaroos, emus and wallabies.  It is pretty accessible with a slight hill to get into the park and a shorter but steeper hill to exit.  Inside the park it is mostly hard packed sand that was not too difficult to wheel on.

DSCN1483 DSCN1474

After coffee and a small snack we were on our way to Hunter Valley.  This part of the trip took about 1 hour 15 minutes.  We started off at Hunter Valley Chocolate and Fudge for a tasting of chocolate.  I’m not a big chocolate fan but all the samples were very good.  The building is very accessible with accessible bathrooms.  Next we were on to Hungerford Hills Vineyard for our first wine tasting of the day.  There is a ramp up to the building making access to the building easy.  The vineyard also has accessible bathrooms.  We tasted 7 wines at Hungerford Hills.  This may sound like a lot but they are only allowed to pour 20 ml per tasting sample.  This equals to .0338 oz.  The best tasting wine at Hungerford Hills was the Heavy Metal Shiraz.  Our next stop was the Smelly Cheese Shop for a tasting of 4 different cheeses.  Don’t know the names of them all but they were all good.  We at lunch at a burger place next store called Tuk Tuk.  After lunch we were on our own for about 30 minutes where most of us did a wine tasting at Tempus Two.  We tasted 6 wines here.  All 3 of these places are accessible and located on the same property with accessible bathrooms.


Mount View Estate was our final stop for wine tasting.  Melissa was our wine presenter and she was the best we had all day.  The view from the estate was also the best all day.  We tasted 9 wines at Mount View Estate the best here being the Late Harvest Semillon.  The estate building was accessible with what I was told was accessible bathrooms.  The final stop of the day was at Potters Brewery for a small tasting of beers.  The best beer I had was the Doctors Order a dark IPA. The brewery is accessible with accessible bathrooms.


The tour was great and I recommend taking the wine tour with Kangarrific Tours.  The tour was 11 hours so be ready for a full day of activities.  The only help I needed from Sam was taking my chair apart to store in the back of the bus while driving.  If you are able transfer from your chair to the floor of a Toyota mini bus then transfer to the seat you can do this tour.  Sam our driver/guide for the tour offered to help me if needed.  Sam was great.  It was an amazing day.  All the stops were accessible with the wildlife park being most difficult to get around but most active wheelchair users should have no problem doing this tour.  Accessibility wise this tour would receive a 4/5 rating.

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