Darwin, AU – Sunday, Mar 2nd, 2014

I make my way to Tourism Top End about 9:30am to hopefully get some tours arranged. I speak with Margie about what tours I’m interested in. AAT Kings is the only tour company doing the Kakadu National Park tour in the wet season. I may have on option to do a 4×4 tour to Kakadu with Territory Experiences but Margie has to call to get a quote for a one person tour. While were waiting to hear back, we work on Litchfield National Park Tour with Offroad Dreaming. She calls and talks with Neville, the owner, I’m put on the phone to explain how I will get on/off the bus and he goes through parts of the tour I may have trouble with. We both believe I can do most of the tour so I book for Monday. While I was talking with Neville, Margie gets quote from Territory Experiences, $600 for a one day tour, too much for me. I guess I’ll have to come back in the dry season to do Kakadu National Park. Since that’s out, Margie suggests a sunset dinner cruise. Cruises only run Sunday and Tuesday in the off season. I book the cruise on The Charles Darwin boat for Tuesday. Margie was very helpful arranging the tours and she gives me directions to the Darwin Waterfront. It’s only about a 15 minute wheel to the waterfront. To get to the waterfront you head down Smith Street, which is flat, to the first of two elevators to the waterfront. Once down the first elevator it’s a short wheel across elevated boardwalk to the second elevator that takes you to the waterfront. The waterfront is vey flat and easy to get around. There is a wave pool, several restaurants, a swimming area and a convention center.

DSCN3583 DSCN3587 DSCN3589

I have lunch on the waterfront at Hot Tamale then head back to get laundry done since I did not get it done Friday. Hot Tamale is accessible and there are a few accessible public bathrooms on the waterfront. I’m staying at The Value Inn but have access to the laundry, bar and pool at the backpackers next door, Melaleuca on Mitchell. While doing laundry I head to the bar for a beer and meet travelers Richard, Adrian and Matt. Richard(from Kalbarri) and Adrian are from Australia, Matt is from England. After laundry, I hang out with them for the evening and head to bed for an early day tomorrow. There is an accessible bathroom on the second floor of Melaleuca but it is locked. I would have to go to reception and get the key. I use the bathroom on the floor where the bar is located. It’s not accessible but I can fit my chair in one of the stalls.

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