Perth, AU – Friday, Feb 28th, 2014

I make it to Barrack Jetty to buy a ticket to Rottnest Island. I first head to the boat to see how accessible it will be to get on.  I ask one of the boat crew and he says they have a ramp to get over the door frame where you enter the boat. The ramp up to the Rottnest Express is very steep and I will need help up.  I head back to purchase my ticket and the salesman doesn’t think I’ll be able to take the boat.  I explain what the boat crew said and he checks with a manager, she says I can get on and off boat but may need some help.  The trip to Rottnest Island is about 1hr 45min to 2hrs.  I do need help up the ramp and help over the ramp for the door frame.  Once on the boat it’s pretty easy to get around but the bathrooms are on the bottom deck.  I head to the front of the boat, get out of my chair and relax on the couch.  We have one stop in Fremantle to pick up more passengers.


Once to Rottnest, I get off the boat they same way. Rottnest Island was a prisoner of war camp during World War I.  During World War II Rottnest was to defend Fremantle as it could engage enemy ships before they reached Fremantle Port. Rottnest Island is now a popular holiday getaway.  It is a very hot day to be wheeling around parts of the island. I start by wheeling through the shopping area to Bathurst Lighthouse. There are a few big hills but I’m able wheel without help. I keep going to Pinky Beach which also has a few big hills.

DSCN3517 DSCN3519 DSCN3525 DSCN3520

I head back to the shopping area for lunch and some water. Then wheel along water front to Army Jetty and Kingstown Barracks.

DSCN3535 DSCN3540 DSCN3542 DSCN3549

I head back to the shopping area and wheel inland a little to Government Lake.


The island is pretty big and I should have looked in to taking a bus around the island. It’s about 2:45pm and the boat back to Perth leaves at 4pm.  I’m tired of wheeling and it’s hot so I stop at Hotel Rottnest for a beer and sit in the shade on their deck. The deck is accessible but the bathrooms are not.  I make my way to the boat at 3:30pm and board in similar fashion as before.  We make two stops on the way back to Perth, at Fremantle and North Wharf.  The boat arrives at Barrack Jetty at 5:45pm and I head up to The Elephant and Wheelbarrow to meet with Amanda.  My plan after the meeting is to do laundry, pack and arrange a cab for the airport Saturday.  It takes about 30 minutes to wheel from the jetty to the bar.  Amanda is working on internet accessibility for handicapped people from being color blind to having no arm mobility.  After meeting for about 4 hours and several drinks later, we head to a karaoke bar with her boss Barry.  I don’t get back to my hostel until 1:45am so laundry, packing and arranging a cab don’t get done.  I had a great time and hope I was able to give Amanda some ideas.

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