Sydney, AU – Thursday, Jan 9th, 2014

Went to the Kings Cross shopping center in hopes of going to Coles grocery store for a few items but the chair lift down to Coles was broken.  There is a Gloria Jean’s coffee shop on the first level with free wi-fi with a purchase.  I took this opportunity to try out the free wi-fi calling on the new Samsung Galaxy Light I got for my trip.  There was a slight delay in talking to people but for the most part it worked great.  Did a quick post on the blog and did some surfing the net.  Had lunch at Spice Stories, another Tahi restaurant, accessible right off the sidewalk.  They have $9 lunch specials from 11am – 4pm.  Another very small restaurant without a bathroom.  As with Art Fusion, were I had dinner a few days earlier, these restaurants are in the “No Alcohol Zone” on the north side of Darlinghurst Rd.  After lunch I went to Kings Cross Hotel to have a drink at the balcony bar.  On the way back to the hotel I stopped at The Crest Hotel for a drink and they were having there weekly Thursday pool competition.  I did not play in the competition but played pool for the first time in Sydney against Valentine.  Valentine, is local I just meet at The Crest while watching the pool competition.  Lost the first 3 games won the last game.  The balls are smaller than pool balls in the USA and the rules are much different.  Slop is the rule for shooting even on the eight ball.  If you scratch or miss hitting your ball your opponent gets ball in hand.  Very hard to get use to the rules.


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