Quick update

Just a quick update from a coffee shop with free wi-fi with a purchase.  I used this place Thursday on an off day after touring the Blue Mountains Wednesday.  I was able to make free wi-fi calls to friends and family back in the US.  It was great talking to everyone.  Thursday, I got to play at pool at The Crest Lounge.  The pool balls are smaller and the rules are very different.  I did end up winning one game out of four and got better once I got use to the rules. Friday, I went to the Botanic Gardens and wheeled around for about 6 hours and maybe saw 60 percent of the gardens.  I will be posting photos early next week, 150+ photos.  Today, Saturday I’m taking a day off with Sunday planning on going to Bondi Beach.  I will be trying the bus system for the first time.  Monday, I’m planning on going to the Taronga Zoo and Wednesday is the Hunter Valley Wine Tour.

Everything has been going well.  The best thing I brought on the trip so far is something I never use at home, my gloves.  The gloves have not only saved my hands but make wheeling up the hills much easier.  I did forget the charger for my razor so photos of me for the next 10 days may not be pretty.  I’m having a package sent to Queenstown, NZ with my charger.  The package being sent was planned before the trip.  I’m getting use to being on the road but have a long way to go.  Taking some days off have been very good to start the trip.  I won’t have that flexibility after Queenstown since I’ll only be in the other cities for 5 days each.  I’ve only done laundry by hand washing in the sink.  Hopefully Tuesday, with a planned day off, I will get to a laundromat.  I am currently under budget for the trip.  Learning the train system has helped greatly.  Saving $10-$20 AU dollars to/from downtown via a cab.

Hope things are going well with everyone, take care.

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