Sydney, AU – Friday, Jan 10th, 2014

The Botanic Gardens consists of many different gardens.  I wheeled around for 6 hours and saw only about 60% of gardens.  I purchased a round trip train ticket to Martin Place which is close the entrance of the gardens.  I ended up at the opera house close to Circular Quay train stop and had to wheel back up to Martin Place.  I should have thought about this before I purchased my train ticket.  I entered at the top of the gardens by the Public Library of New South Wales and Morshead Fountain Gate.


There are plenty of signs and maps throughout the gardens helping with getting around including the best way for wheelchair accessibility.  I did not always follow these signs.  I based some of my decisions on how steep the hill was and if I would be able to make it up/down.  I started with the Pioneer Garden then wheeled down to the Tropical Centre.  There is a long hill down to the Tropical Center not too steep.


I then made it back up through the Pioneer Garden to the Rose Garden, Old Mill Garden, Greenway Terrance and Parade Ground on my way to the Government House.  All the wheeling around these areas were fairly easy.  These are located on the high part of the Gardens.

DSCN1143 DSCN1144 DSCN1187

After the Government House I wheeled, mostly down hill to the Herb Garden, past the Garden Shop, to the Band Lawn and HSBC Oriental Garden.  This are is very flat and easy to wheel around.  After wheeling around some of the walk way by Farm Cove I made it back past the Band Lawn, by the Macquarie Wall past the Wollemi Pine to the Succulent Garden.

DSCN1238 DSCN1237

There is a long hill from the Band Lawn up to the Macquarie Wall.  This hill is not very steep too start but long and gets steeper by the wall.  I finished up with going through the Rare and Threatened Plants, Fernery and Rainforest Walk.  This is where my decision to buy the round trip train ticket to Martin Place backfired.  I wheeled back up past the Herb Garden past the Government House to the Sydney Opera House.  A very busy day with a lot of wheeling but worth it.

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