Sydney, AU – Wednesday, Jan 1st, 2014 and Thursday, Jan 2nd, 2014

These two days I took time off to relax so I don’t get burned out too quick and knowing Michigan State was in the Rose Bowl at 9am Sydney time on Thursday.  Wednesday I had dinner at Kings Cross Hotel.  The ground floor bar is accessible with an elevator to the rooftop bar.  Don’t know if the bathroom is accessible there was not one located on the ground floor.  Thursday was game time.  Although it was 9am in Sydney I found a bar that opens at 8am.  I was the only one at The Empire Hotel bar let alone the only one that was watching the game.  Michigan State 2014 Rose Bowl Champions!!!!  After the game I had dinner at The Crest Hotel VIP Lounge.  The bar is accessible with a bathroom somewhat accessible.  It does not have an accessible stall but I was able to use the bathroom.

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