Sydney, AU – Tuesday, Dec 31st, 2013

I found an easier way to get to Hyde Park and the city center.  Taking a left out of the hotel and going up Macleay Street then a right on Williams Street.  This takes you right to the west side of Hyde Park.  William Street has a big down hill but no where close the hill on Monday.  I left early on Tuesday knowing it was going to be packed because of New Years.  I hung out in Hyde Park for about 2 hours and relaxed.  After getting dinner at Bar333, the restaurant was accessible but the bathrooms were downstairs.  I made it to Circular Quay about 7:45pm and it was a madhouse.  Estimated 2 million people on the waterfront to watch the fireworks.  At 9pm they had a 7 minute fireworks show for the families.  The BIG Sydney fireworks were a disappointment.  Not only was it pack, which I expected, the fireworks only lasted 12 minutes.  I’m not a big fireworks person but I was expecting this to blow me away and it fell short.

DSCN0622 DSCN0620

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