Tobago and Barbados update

The current in Tobago did not improve much. The dives on Wednesday had some current. The 1st dive was very easy with no current. The 2nd dive was Cathedral, I was very uncomfortable during this dive. We aborted this dive Tuesday because of the current. About 10 minutes into the dive I had this feeling of wanting to surface to breathe air. I relaxed, concentrated on my breathing and about 5 minutes later I was feeling better. That is the first time I’ve had this feeling diving. The second dive on Wednesday was Japanese Gardens, another dive we aborted early in the week. On this dive before there were three different currents causing the sand to twist like a hurricane. During this dive the fish were not even fighting the current they were passing us. When the fish are passing you it’s wise to abort the dive. The current Wednesday was not as bad, still strong but I did not need the dive master to hold on to me so I did not get swept away in the current. The second to last dive in Tobago was rough. We went in a bowl that felt like what being in a washing machine would feel like. Three divers in the group missed the bowl because of the current. I was getting tossed around everywhere. Once out of the bowl, the current was moving fast. The three in our group were about 100 yards off course. Terry, a diver on the boat, doesn’t know how I made it through the dive because of the trouble they had. I was very exhausted after the dive. It’s not fun for me diving in current when you can’t stop to look at something on the reef.
Saturday was my first day off the resort all week. I took a 6 hour tour around Tobago with Andy, my transportation to and from the airport. We stopped by several none tourist areas. I had a few beers at a local bar in Parlatuvier and we had lunch at Brantal’s, a local BBQ place.

Upon arriving in Barbados I quickly realized how inaccessible it is. The Marriott is very accessible but I’m only able to wheel about 30 feet out of the resort south and 30 yards north. There are few curb cutouts. There are areas with a curb cutout on one side of the street but not the other. The diving has been good with little to no current. The dive shop is not accessible and I have to be carried about 40 yards through the sand to the boat. The crew has been great helping me out Sim, Edwin, Victor, and Lenny. The reef is in good shape, fish life is ok but the visibility is only 40 feet. I’ve seen eels, scorpion fish, many turtles, nurse shark, and spotted eagle ray. There are a bunch of lion fish here that the dive masters kill and take back to shore to eat.  I went into Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, Thursday afternoon. Not very accessible to say the least.

Sunday I leave for Dominica. I hope it is more accessible than Barbados. I’ve been told the diving is good, so I’ll see. Only about 2 more weeks left on this trip, time to start planning my next.

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