Curacao and Tobago update

The second leg of my trip doesn’t start off well. I arrived at the Bonaire airport 3 hours before my scheduled departure. While at the airport, my flight gets delayed 1 hour until 5:10 pm. At 4:35 pm there’s an announcement for last call flight PY730 to Curacao, Nick Westermeyer please come to check in gate 4. That was the only announcement I heard while at the airport. There’s other flights to Curacao so it wouldn’t be a big deal. I arrive in Curacao after only a 15 minute flight. According to my travel arrangements, i have airport transfers to my lodging and back to the airport prearranged. I wait at the airport for about 20 minutes before taking a taxi to my lodging. The joy of traveling but you don’t get mad you figure it out and move on.
After checking in, I email the agent who booked my scuba trip about the transfers and getting reimbursed for the taxi cost. I also talk with Ocean Encounters, the dive shop who was to book the transfers, they don’t book transfers so there was a misunderstanding between them and my booking agent.
I stayed at Lions Dive and Beach Resort, supposed to be accessible but several places with ramps too steep among other things. I will do a review of the resort when
I return. I dove with Ocean Encounters which is located on Lions Resort premises. The crew was exceptional helping with my gear, getting ready and getting back on the boat. It was very windy everyday making the seas very choppy and difficult getting back on the boat. A few of the boats rides I had to hold on for dear life. I was told by Bryan, the boat captain and my dive buddy a few of the dives, being this windy is not normal. I was very surprised that there was no, to minimal current while diving. The reef itself is not is good shape and the wildlife it not that abundant. I did see moray eels, seahorse, scorpion fish and many lion fish. This could be a reason for the wildlife not being abundant. They have lion fish hunting tournaments to help minimize the impact on the reef. A special thanks to Bryan, Jeremiah, Charlie and Ruth for all their help.
I did go into Willemstad, the capital of Curacao, one day on the free shuttle from the resort. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The part of town
I was in is very touristy, a bunch of souvenir shops. I was not very impressed. I did receive an email that I will be reimbursed for my taxi cost.

I had a long travel day on Sunday flying from Curacao to Tobago. I was at the airport at 1 pm and arrived at Blue Waters Inn in Tobago at 11pm. Two long layovers and a 1 hr 15 minute drive from Tobago airport to Blue Waters Inn. Several things are not accessible about this place which will also be addressed in my review when I return. I haven’t been real happy with the lack of accessibility of Lions Dive and Blue Waters considering they were to be accessible. However, the views of Batteaux Bay, Goat Island and Little Tobago are the best I’ve had on this trip so far.
I’m diving with Blue Waters Dive in Tobago, on the Blue Waters premises. The reef and fish life are in much better condition than Curaçao, the current much worse. Of the four dives I’ve done, two have been aborted because of strong currents. The second dive Tuesday was the worst, three currents converging that I needed the dive master to hold on to me because I was being pushed around several different directions. He said he’s never seen the current this bad, two weeks ago on this dive there was little to no current. Just my luck, wind in Curacao that rarely happens then current in Tobago that they haven’t seen. The colors of the some of the corals are orange and bright green. I’ve seen a turtle, green moray, stingray, several seahorse, scorpion fish, squid and not one lion fish. The dive crew has been good so far especially today with the current. I hope it improves some because I still have three days of diving here

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  1. I’m glad to’re finding in the the travel despite the inaccuracies of descriptions. Just know I’m a little jealous of the weather you’re enjoying!

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