Cairns, AU – Trip Home Thursday, Mar 27th, 2014

I did not sleep at all last night. I gather my bags and checkout at reception. It’s pouring down rain again. The rain slows and the Palm Shuttle arrives for my trip to the airport for my long trip home. Scott, from Palm Shuttle, is not very helpful. He does not come and get my bags I have to wheel them down to the bus myself. He also does not help me with my bags from the bus to the airport check in. Check in was easy. My first flight is only 1hr 50 minutes from Cairns to Brisbane. I get a row to myself on the plane. I arrive at the domestic terminal and after getting my bags have to get to the international terminal. This is where having two bags is very difficult. After exiting I have help from two security people which bus to take to the international terminal. The Tbus takes you directly to the international level of the terminal. It’s about a 5 minute ride. The bus is accessible with a ramp that flips from the entrance. There is a very long line at the regular Qantas check in so I get taken to the first class check in. I explain to the lady helping out at Qantas that I would like a window seat. After some time and a couple phone calls to her supervisor, I have a window seat from Brisbane all the way to Dayton. I also get a Qantas Priority ticket so I can get through TSA security faster. Monique, a Qantas employee, helps me from check in through security and to the gate. I could have done it myself but it would have taken much longer and I would have got lost a few times. Once I get on the plane, Michael the head flight attendant, questions me about sitting in the window seat. I explain to him they called for approval at the check in and that I don’t want people climbing over me the entire flight. All is good and I get my window seat. It gets even better because there is someone in the aisle and we get the middle seat open for the 12hr 21 minute flight to Los Angeles. I watch American Hustle to start the long journey home I get my writing finished through Darwin and have only Cairns remaining. It’s very hard to concentrate on writing when I’m this tired. I get a little sleep then watch The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. I tried to sleep again and could not so I watch another movie, Bridesmaids. After breakfast it’s only 1hr 45 minutes to LAX. Once at LAX I get buckled in the aisle chair to get taken off the plane. I get help from Thomas, who helps wheelchair passengers through the airport. He helps me with my bags through customs and to the American Airlines terminal. The customs guy asks if I brought any liquor back from my trip. I say “yes, a bottle of port from Australia”, he responds “nice, welcome home, go enjoy your port.” As Thomas and I leave the international terminal the first thing I see are the cars going the “wrong” way. I got so used to driving on the left side of the road I thought the cars were going the wrong way. I make to the gate and stop at the bar for a bloody mary, a $17.43 bloody mary, it was good but not that good. An $8 beer looks really good right now. I check in at the gate, get taken down the gateway, buckled in the aisle chair and to my window seat. After a 3hr 25 minute flight to Chicago and 50 minute flight to dayton, I am home. Heather picks me up from the airport and it’s so great to see her and not just talk to her or text her.

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