Cairns, AU – Sunday, Mar 23rd, 2014

I’m sad this is my last day of diving with TUSA. After the normal formalities(pick up, carry on boat, safety briefing, dive briefing) we are heading to Flynn Reef – Tennis Courts dive site. With my dive buddy gone I have a new dive buddy, Andrea. The first dive we see another turtle. Andrea only dives the first dive so Will is my buddy for the second and third dives. The second dive we see Wally the Wrasse again plus a flowery cod and a bluespotted stingray. After lunch we dive Thetford Reef – The Horseshoe. The visibility was only about 30 feet. It has been raining on and off all day because of the cyclone.


While I’m having a beer on the way back to Cairns two of the crew, Ben and Sarah, come over and thank me for diving with them. They give me a few TUSA items for my many days of diving with them.


The entire crew has been awesome. Ben walked around the boat and personally asks each person how their day was. Everyday we got back to the dock the crew stood in a line on the dock and shook each persons hand and thanked them for coming aboard. I thought this was very classy. After being dropped off at my hostel and getting cleaned up I head to The Pier Bar to maybe meet up with Will and some of the dive crew. The bar is accessible off Pier Point Road with a big deck overlooking the lagoon. They do have a few pool tables but they are up one step. I have a few beers and must have missed them so I head for dinner at Thai Tamarind on Shields Street. They have an outside seating area but the inside seating and bathrooms are up a 5” step. I stop by Gilligan’s before heading back to The Northern Greenhouse. Entering Gilligan’s I run into Lorraine and Dean, who I met for Lunch in Melbourne.

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