Cairns, AU – Saturday, Mar 8th, 2014

I start the day uploading photos to my MacBook Air for a few hours. It’s a beautiful day, so while I’m waiting for mom and dad to make it in town, I head back to the Esplanade. They make it to Cairns early afternoon and I make my way to meet them at their hotel, the Holiday Inn on the Esplanade. We have beer at the hotel bar then head out for a late lunch. It is good to see the them but it will be adjustment for me since I’ve been traveling on my own for 72 days. We have lunch on the Esplanade at Bavarian Beer House. There is seating outside on the sidewalk, inside on the sidewalk level and up 4 steps by the bar. We sit outside on the sidewalk and like most other restaurants there are no waiters/waitresses, you have to order food and drinks at the bar. Without my parents, I would have only been able to eat here if one of the wait staff ordered for me at the bar. They do have a bathroom but it is up the 4 steps, so it is not accessible. After lunch, we walk around the waterfront a little then go for drinks at Rattle n Hum. Rattle n Hum is accessible with a ramp and an accessible bathroom. They also have a pool table. We discuss the tours I got information on yesterday and plan to visit the Botanic Gardens on Sunday. The two tours we are planning on doing are Kuranda and rainforest, waterfalls and Paronella Park. Mom and dad are tired from the trip over so they go back to the hotel and I head up to Gilligan’s. There is a long line to get in so I wheel around the corner to The Union Jack on Spence Street. There is a large outside area that is accessible through the gate. All other entrances have at least one big step to get up. You get to all areas of the bar from the outside area including the accessible bathroom. They have a band playing outside that I listen to while having a couple beers then head back to my hostel.

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