Alice Springs, AU/Perth, AU – Monday, Feb 24th, 2014

Woke up early and packed for my flight to Perth. Alice Wanderer picked me up for my return trip to the airport. I try to get a window seat on my Qantas flight but they will only sit me in an aisle seat so they get me off the plane easier. The problem with this is they will come get me last so I’ll have the people sitting in the middle seat and window seat climbing over me to get out of the plane. After checking in I tried to make make some phone calls through the free airport wifi but the calls kept getting dropped. I contacted a travel blogger, Amanda Kindle, before my trip who lives Perth in hopes of meeting her and discussing travel. I send her an email via my phone and hope to hear back from her. Qantas is so concerned with my safety that they have not put the seat belt on me once in the aisle chair while boarding or getting off the plane. I arrive in Perth at noon and look into the best way to get to my hostel. Public transportation takes over 1hr, the bus service is only $15 but the next bus does not leave until 2pm or a cab for around $30. I decide on the cab and it takes about 20 minutes to get to The Emperor’s Crown. The entrance is flat with a ramp up to reception and a lift to the 1st floor. After unpacking, I head out to checkout Perth. The city is not flat with hills up to the city center from the hostel and down to the wharf. The wharf area is flat with accessible deck area with several restaurants. I wheel around Stirling Gardens and Langley Park.

DSCN3356 DSCN3358 DSCN3502 DSCN3507

My 8GB SD card is full so I’m glad I bought a new card a few days ago. This time I bought a 16GB card to make it through Perth, Darwin and Cairns. I check out the ferry to the Perth Zoo and to Rottnest Island. Both are supposed to be accessible but I will find that out myself. I am approached by Charles who is doing a photo project of people on the Swan River for graduate school. He takes a few photos of me and we discuss my traveling and website. I have a beer at Lucky Shag Bar on the deck over looking Swan River. There is an accessible bathroom on the deck but you need a key for the door. I wheel back up to the city by Supreme Court Gardens to Generous Squire for dinner. They are accessible off Murray St. and have mostly high tables but a few low tables on the deck by the alley. They also have an accessible bathroom. I head back to the hostel stopping at Bar138 for a beer and talk with the bartender to find a place to shoot pool. I have planned on not doing too much in Perth to take a break from my trip. Back at the hostel I upload photos, watch Iron Man 3 then head to bed.

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