Wellington, NZ – Thursday, Feb 6th, 2014

My arms are very sore today but I still have things to visit in Wellington.  I first move rooms at the hostel then go to I Site to get a refund on Cambridge Hotel.  They have no problem refunding after they call to confirm Cambridge Hotel was ok with the cancellation.  The hotel had already booked the room.  I then go to the Museum of Wellington City and Sea.  It’s a museum with the history of Wellington and the native Maori people.  It is accessible through the wharf entrance and has an elevator to all levels with an accessible bathroom.

DSCN2188 DSCN2197

Next is the Ta Papa Museum.  A huge museum with 6 floors and at least 10 different exhibits going on.  It was packed today because it’s holiday, Waitangi Day.  The entire wharf was packed with a big festival.  The museum is very accessible with elevators and accessible bathrooms.

DSCN2218 DSCN2223

I then go out to wheel around visiting Clyde Quay Wharf, Midland Park and Jervois Quay.  The wharf area is flat with only a couple ramps that are easy to negotiate.  I stop to check out the City Gallery.  There were 7 exhibits at the gallery.  Only one, which was photos and paintings, that I had any clue about.  The others were so off the wall to me I only spent about 30 minutes looking around.  The gallery is accessible with an elevator and accessible bathroom.  No photos were aloud to be taken in the City Gallery.  I have lunch at Wagamana, a very good Japanese restaurant overlooking looking the waterfront.  I go back to the hostel to work on my budget and photos for a few hours before hitting the House Bar for happy hour.  Through February 5th I am 45% under my planned budget for the trip.

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