Wellington, NZ – Friday, Feb 7th, 2014

Today is Rugby Sevens day.  Big party on the wharf at all the bars.  I stop at Chicago Bar for a few drinks before heading back down the wharf to Westpac Stadium.  Very similar to hanging at the bat before a football game but all most everyone is dressed up in a costume.

DSCN2255 DSCN2270

On my way to the stadium the left brake on my wheelchair broke.  I stop by the hostel to take a picture and text Dan to email Numotion, who I bought my chair from, since I don’t have internet access.  I make it to Westpac Stadium just at the start of the first match between Canada and Scotland. Rugby Sevens is 7 players per side, 7 minutes per half with a 2 minute halftime.  USA vs Argentina is the second match.  USA was down 19-0 but came back and made a game of it losing 19-14.


Results from Rugby Sevens.  Westpac Stadium is accessible but a a very long ramp to wheel up to the entrance level.  The grade is not too bad just long.  No elevator that I saw.  They do have accessible bathrooms.  After 5 hours of rugby and being in 3 hours of a light rain, I was under a little cover but still got wet, I head back to the hostel and work on writing and uploading photos, then hit happy hour.

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