Christchurch, NZ – Saturday, Feb 1st, 2014

Friday night was a late night so I slept in.  I can get free wifi at The Stray Dog so I go over about 1pm to have lunch and catch up on writing.  After writing, I Skype with Dan, Donna and Steve at 2Putt.  It was great seeing and talking with them even though it was pretty short.  I continued working on writing when James, the owner of the bar, comes over and introduces himself.  Steve, the bar manager, told him about me and called me a regular after only 3 days.  I finished up writing and joined Sean for drinks before we headed out to The Claddagh Pub to meet Foxy and a few other people.  After drinks we go to The Irishman, we used a designated driver.  We shoot pool to end another late night.

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