Queenstown, NZ – Wednesday, Jan 22nd, 2014, Thursday, Jan 23rd, 2014 and Friday, Jan 24th, 2014

The weather both Wednesday and Thursday were cold and wet.  Nothing like my friends and family back in Ohio.  For this time of year it is cold here, lower 60’s, rain and a nice wind coming off the lake.  I’ve spent more time in the bars these days than I wanted.  Most bars don’t get busy until after 10pm and are open until 4am.  I’ve still been back in my room by 10pm every night, so far, working on writing or photo’s for a little before I go to bed.

Wednesday, I did laundry and posted on my blog and uploaded photos in the morning.  Went to Pog Mahone’s for the free wifi to make phone calls but the free wifi cost me 3 beers and dinner, not so free.  I booked a tour to Milford Sound on Sunday, one of the reasons I came on this trip is to see Milford Sound so this was a must.  Stopped by Searle Lane for a beer then went by Monty’s for a few beers then went back to the hostel.
Thursday, I found a new solution to make free wifi calls.  The hostel offers unlimited internet for 7 days for $12 NZ.  So now I can make calls from my room and don’t have to head out to find “free” wifi.  The lift in the hostel was being fixed between 10:30am and 11:30am so I made a few phone calls and wrote a few posts.  I’ve been behind writing so this was a good few days to get caught up.  I have been taking a bunch of notes on my iPod but I need to learn to write my posts more often.  The weather is not supposed to be good Sunday for my trip to Milford Sound so I went shopping for a jacket.  After finding a jacket, I went to lunch at The Ballart Trading Company.  After lunch I went Harry’s Pool Bar to hopefully meet some people and shoot some pool.  I ran into Jemma, who helped me Sunday when I went to AJ Hackett bungy.  She played a few games of pool with her friend Ben, then he left and I asked if she wanted to play.  I beat her two games and by then Ben had returned.  A friend of theirs, Jimmy showed up, so we played doubles.  I played very good the entire night that people wanted me to be their partner.  Harry’s Pool Bar is accessible an Brecon Street right by the switch back ramps to get to the Gondola.  The sidewalk has a little grade to get to the bar.  Once inside, it is accessible.  Harry’s has 7 pool tables.  One on the same floor as the entrance and 6 up two steps.  The bathroom is accessible on the same floor as the entrance.  After several hours of pool Ben, Jimmy and I headed to a very small bar, The Naughty Penguin.  Smaller than my bedroom at my house.  Accessible off an alley between the liquor store and shopping center off Camp Street, but no bathroom.  After a couple drinks Jimmy and I met Jemma next door at a small, very loud dance club, Tardis.  Also, smaller than my bedroom and accessible off the alley.  By now it’s about 3am and I head back to the hostel.
Friday, After a very late night I slept in and had a very lazy day.  I did not get going until about 2 pm.  I had lunch outside at Brazz overlooking Village Green Park.  Brazz is accessible off the sidewalk on Athol Street.  I went back to Harry’s for a beer, they have $5 beers which is much cheaper than other bars.  I stopped by Monty’s on the way home then back to the hostel.

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