Queenstown, NZ – Tuesday, Jan 21st, 2014

Today, I had paragliding scheduled with SkyTrek for 9am but had to call at 8am to make sure the weather conditions were ok to go.  Weather conditions were good, paragliding was a go!  It was about a 30 minute ride to Coronet Peak, where we would paraglide from.  We road on a small bus that they picked me up and put me in the front row of seats.  The wheels were taken off my chair and the chair was placed on the seat next me.  Once we arrived at Coronet Peak it was about a 50 yard walk to the launch area, 3609 feet above sea level.  Itai, who was my paragliding tandem, carried me piggy back to the launch area.   He came here from Israel 12 years ago, became a paragliding pilot and has not left.  He said “It’s the best office you can have”.  After we reached the launch area they put the harness on me.  Joe and another guy from SkyTrek held me up as Itai hooked me up to him.  The guys held me as we started walking to the edge as Itai lifted the glider.  Our speed got a little faster as we approached the edge and then we were airborne, leaving those guys behind.  The flight was about 20 minutes long looking around at some great views.  The landing was very safe.  As we approached the ground I pulled up my legs and we landed sitting on the ground.  Better landing then others in our group.


After paragliding I went through part of the Queenstown Gardens.  Once you enter over the bridge there is a very steep hill to your left and a slight hill to the right.  After reaching the top of the slight hill there is a very steep hill to the left and a slight downgrade to the right.  I went down the slight downgrade about 150 yards and the path became gravel, I stopped and turned around.  This part of the Gardens are not very accessible.
Noodle Canteen was the choice for lunch.  There is a small slight grade up to the restaurant off Shotover St.  No bathroom on premises.  I took lunch with me and ate at the park by the wharf.  I stopped by the convenience store next to the hostel for a few items.  The store is accessible right off Church Street.  I returned to my room for a little bit and my package had finally arrived.  The first thing I did was charge my razor so I could shave.  I stopped at Searle Lane right next to the hostel for a couple beers then hit Monty’s for dinner.  Searle Lane is accessible through the ally entrance or the back.  The bathroom is not accessible, down 2 steps then up two steps.  Monty’s has a small lip to get up through the front entrance and has an accessible bathroom.

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