Sydney, AU – Thursday, Jan 16th, 2014

My arms felt great today.  Went back to Woolworths to pick up a few more items then went to Gloria Jean’s for coffee and to use the internet.  Had lunch again outside by the El Alamein Fountain.  This time was a chicken wrap from The Burger Joint.  A small place next to Mad Pizza Pronto where I had dinner earlier in my trip.  There is a small step up to where you order food but you do not need to negotiate this order.  There is an outside area to eat or on inside area with a small ramp.  No bathroom on the premisses.  I met Mark from Melbourne at Kings Cross Hotel.  We talked for several hours over a few beers about, among other things, my travels.  He has a friend who was injured and in a wheelchair from a bike riding accident.  I played in the pool competition at The Crest Hotel with Valentine and Ian, who I played pool with at Darlo Bar on Tuesday.  They pulled names from a hat, Valentine and I got picked to play against each other.   I beat Val the first game but got beat again in the second round.  Val and I played with the rules I’m used to playing in the states after the competition and I beat him both games.

2 responses to “Sydney, AU – Thursday, Jan 16th, 2014

  1. I let this lovely gentleman win, I figured he needed something positive to occur in Sydney before his departure, besides I gave him a present that I hope he enjoyed! Lovely meeting you Nick, look forward to your next posts. Valentine

  2. Haha, love it Valentine! Sounds like you’re having an absolute blast Nick and representing USA/OH well! Enjoying the frequent updates, great reads.

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