Sydney, AU – Friday, Jan 17th, 2014

I finally made it to Bondi Beach because the lift was fixed at Bondi Junction train stop.  After taking the train to Bondi Junction I needed to take the bus the rest of the way to the beach.  Getting on the bus was very easy it was just like the bus heading up to the zoo.  A small ramp that flips up from the entrance of the bus.  The bus has two designated areas for wheelchairs.  They require you to position your wheelchair so you are facing the back of the bus making it difficult to see where your are going.  This became an issue on my return bus ride to the train station.  After being dropped off at the bus stop I made my way to the west side of Bondi Beach first.  This had a slight uphill and after you were up the hill it had the least slop down to the beach walk by the parking lot.  The beach walk is flat and goes around the entire outside of the beach.

DSCN1506 DSCN1508

There are several places to eat along the walk and accessible public bathrooms.  I had lunch at Lush on Bondi.  The restaurant is accessible with a deck overlooking Bondi Beach.  Bondi Beach was ok, nothing too special but I never made it to the sand or the water.  I headed back after lunch by the parking lot and to the bus stop.  No issues getting back on the bus but that’s were it ended.  Not being able to see where you are going and no announcements of the next stop, made me miss the Bondi Junction bus stop.  Luckily this bus was going to Circular Quay and after about 25 minutes I got off the bus.  I could then get a train ticket back to Kings Cross from Circular Quay.  Once I arrived back at Kings Cross I got my hair and beard trimmed because I was looking really bad.  I still have until Jan 23rd to get my package from the US with my charger.  I could not go another week without shaving.  After a few beers at Kings Cross Hotel I headed back to my hotel.

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