Sydney, AU – Sunday, Jan 12th, 2014

I was planning on going to Bondi Beach today but when I went to purchase my train and bus ticket I was told by the teller that the elevator at Bondi Junction was broken.  I am now planning on going Friday, Jan 17th.  I decided to go to the Taronga Zoo instead.  I took the train to Circular Quay then purchased a ferry ticket and zoo ticket at the ferry ticket office.  By purchasing both tickets you get a 10% discount.  Getting on/off the ferry is rather easy.  The boat crew have a ramp from the dock to the boat that is used for both the able body people and wheelchair users.  After about a 20 minute ferry ride across the harbour you arrive at the Taronga Zoo.  They have a sky rail that takes you over the zoo to the entrance but the elevator to the sky rail was broken.  You can also take the bus to the top of the hill to the entrance.  I took the bus which has a ramp that flips out which was very easy to wheel up.  The zoo is on a big hill that looks across the harbour towards downtown Sydney.


Once I entered there is an information booth where I received an accessible map that identifies which hills are steep and which are just a slight grade.  For the most part it’s downhill but there are a few big hills that I was able to wheel up without assistance.  I was very wore out after wheeling around for 5 hours but it was worth it.  The only area I did not go through was the kids trail and reptile world.  I started in the Australian Rainforest Aviary and got shit on again by a bird.  This time right on top of the head but am very happy I had my hat on.  I next went up to the Koalas and the kangaroo walk through area.  There is a steep hip up to this area but I was able to make it with little trouble.

DSCN1321 DSCN1318

After the Koalas I went down a very steep down hill to the Tasmanian Devils.  Those were to two steepest hills I had to negotiate.  After a snack at the food center I went by the Lemur Forest Adventure and up the ramp to the Orang-utan exhibit.  There is a slight grade to get to this exhibit.  I went through the African Safari which was mostly down hill.  Next was Big Cats Trail, Rainforest Trail and finishing up going to the Seal Walk.  There is an elevator to the seals and penguins exhibit.

DSCN1416 DSCN1350 DSCN1452

Once you exit the zoo it’s about a 200 yards down hill to where the ferry picks you up to take you back to Circular Quay.  I took the train back to Kings Cross and had take out at Pin Tohng, a very small Tahi restaurant with a ramp from the sidewalk and only 4 tables.  The best Tahi food I had from the Tahi restaurants I ate at in Kings Cross.

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