Trip planning update

I have passed one of my last major obstacles, I gave notice to my boss that I was quitting my job to travel the world.  Went much better that I expected.  The great thing is I still have a job until I leave.  The departure date is coming fast and I still have a lot to do but am making progress.  I have had responses from several tour operators that do not have issues taking me on their tours to the Blue Mountains and a wine tour in Hunter Valley outside of Sydney also in Darwin to Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park.  I have recently got a new TiLite wheelchair to take on my trip.  This chair is much lighter then my current chair.  I’ve been getting use to it around the house and took it out to Putters 2Putt Sports Bar for the first time on Sunday.  I will be posting more as the trip gets closer.  Only 64 days left!!!


One response to “Trip planning update

  1. Might contact “Tlight” and inform them of your plans t see if they are interested in feed back on the chairs performance !

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