Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

5am came way too early again.  I have coffee in the lounge then head to the game drive vehicle.  It’s getting easier getting in the truck.  It’s not too cold just a little windy this morning.  There are 7 people on the game drive.  We start by going to where the lions were last night in hopes they are still there.  The lions are gone so we check on the leopard kill from yesterday morning.  The only thing left from the impala is the ribs hanging in the tree.  We drive along the river to view sunrise and track the lions but never find them.  We see buffalo, elephant, giraffe and baboons.  They only new animal I see this morning is an open billed stork.  There are not many animals out this morning.  We make it back for breakfast at 9:10am.

sunrise DSCN5911

Breakfast is upstairs today, this makes me happy.  I spend the rest of the morning and afternoon relaxing.  Although I’m on vacation, all the safari camps have you very busy throughout the day.  It’s good to have a few hours to yourself.  During lunch some of the staff entertained us with traditional dancing.  James has freed up time tomorrow for a long afternoon game drive, leaving between 1pm – 2pm instead of the normal 3:30pm.  That will let us reach parts of the park that are farther away.  There are only 5 people on the afternoon game drive.  There are more animals out this afternoon but nothing I’ve not seen.  We see elephants, giraffes, buffalos, hippos, baboon (looking like he’s playing a piano) and banded mongoose.  We tried to find the lions again but had no luck.

DSCN5925 DSCN5920 buffalo hippo ??????????????????????????????? DSCN5943

We arrive at the lodge at 6:27pm to get cleaned up for drinks and dinner.  Dinner is again upstairs tonight.  After drinks, I head to dinner.  I am again alone tonight.  I do talk with some servers about the World Cup tomorrow.  John has arranged for me to watch the opening match of the World Cup.  There is only one TV that’s located in the upstairs bar.  There is no elevator so I will need to be carried up about 15 steps.  During dinner the staff sings some traditional songs.  It’s very nice see some of the Botswana culture I’ve seen today.  I’m very excited for the long game drive and to watch the World Cup tomorrow.  I go to bed around 11pm for the long day tomorrow.

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