Friday, June 6th, 2014

I wake this morning at 5:20am.  It’s very cold this morning, the coldest morning by far.  I break out my winter hat for the first time.  Didn’t think there was any chance I’d use my hat.  It was recommended that I also bring gloves but those stayed at home.  If I had them they would have been used.  I make my way to breakfast and not only is it cold, it’s very windy too.  My guide today is Salani.  The drive starts seeing a single wild dog and impalas.  Salani gets a call of a group of lioness.  It takes about 45 minutes to get to the group.  On the way I see my first heard of elephant.  They don’t seem very happy we are on their turf.  They are about 100 yards away but quickly approach the vehicle.  We see more wildebeest, zebras and giraffe.  The pack of wild dogs is hanging out around their den.  There are 8 dogs in the pack again.  A black backed jackal crosses the road in front of us.  There are 8 lionesses sunning themselves.  Before break we see more giraffe and egyptian goose.

elephants DSCN5192 DSCN5195 DSCN5197 black backed jackal

lioness DSCN5213 egyptian goose

It’s still very cold and windy.  Even though it’s winter this is not normal weather for this time of year.  We don’t see much after break, a tawny eagle in flight, giraffe and impalas.  The last two days, when it’s been cold, I have not seen as many animals.

giraffe and impalas

After lunch, I work on organizing photos before afternoon tea.  The weather tomorrow is predicted to be colder and windier then today.  My flight tomorrow for Savute Game Lodge leaves at 9:10am so I have decided not to do the morning game drive.  We leave for the afternoon drive at 3:30pm seeing greater blue ear starling and burchell’s starling.  Going to paradise pools we see kudu, giraffe, little bee eater, zebra, red lechwe and a fish eagle in flight.

greater blue ear starling greater blue ear and burchell's starling fish eagle

We stop for sunset by the elephant crossing where hippos are now enjoying the water.


We make it back to camp by 6:25pm to get cleaned up for dinner.  After drinks at the fire pit, dinner tonight is phyllo cranberry and sweet chili sauce, kudu, sweet potato, butternut squash, stuffed pepper and cauliflower.  It’s very cold at the fire pit tonight.  I go to my room at 10pm, last one at the pit again, to label photos and go to bed around 11:30pm.

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