Thursday, May 29th & Friday, 30th, 2014

After many hours at the Frankfort Airport, I check in with South African Airlines about needing and aisle chair to get on the plane. They see I have a window seat with someone sitting next to me and offer a bulkhead aisle seat without someone sitting next to me. I chose to stick with my original seat. The lady sitting next to me sits down and says “hi”, I say “hi” back. She sat in her seat for about 2 minutes then got up and walked to the rear of the plane. As departure is fast approaching I’m wondering when or if she will return to her seat. Even closer to departure and I’m getting excited I may have a 2 seat row to myself for the 10-1/2 hour flight to Johannesburg. The airplane doors close and we start moving. I’m still not certain I will have 2 seats but I’m getting more excited. About 30 minutes into the flight I make the decision she’s not coming back and I take over her seat. I’m very happy I chose to stay in my seat and should be a more comfortable flight with 2 seats. I started the flight watching Wolf of Wall Street then try to get some sleep. Even with the entire row I still could not get comfortable to get any sleep. I watch another movie, 47 Ronin. I start watching Thor: The Dark World and start failing a sleep. I stop the movie and give it another try. Next thing I know the lights are coming on the breakfast is being served. Finally, I get about 2hrs of sleep. The only sleep in 28hrs of traveling. Breakfast is rushed because with a good tailwind we are arriving 1/2 hour early. I did not see the lady that was to sit next to me another time on the flight. I am helped off the plane by Daniel and Madaba from iHelp. I have a gentlemen from airport wheelchair assistance take me through customs, pick up my luggage and walk me to the hotel shuttle pick up area. All three where very nice and helpful. Daniel gave me a card and asked to send an email about their performance, which I have done. The Protea Hotel O.R. Tambo has a shuttle but it is not accessible. I was able to transfer to the floor then to the seat as I have in the past. I have breakfast then get cleaned up and head to the bar to write for 4 hours. I have a Michigan State shirt on and run into a professor from MSU on the elevator. The staff is very friendly and helped me out with the breakfast buffet since some of the items were not easily reached. I think for the first time I am caught up in writing. Only 31 more days to stay caught up.

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