Cairns, AU – Tuesday, Mar 18th, 2014 and Wednesday, Mar 19th, 2014

Tuesday, Mar 18th, 2014

I’m very tired today after the late night and once again get picked up at 7:25am by the TUSA mini bus. I get carried on the boat and to my seat in the lounge. Today we are diving at Milln Reef. They go through the safety and dive briefing on the way to the reef. I get ready and Will carries me to get my BCD on and we get in the water. The first dive site on Milln Reef is Oasis. The first dive we see two white tip reef sharks and a bluespotted stingray. The second dive at Oasis we see a moray eel. After lunch we dive Whale Bommie on Milln Reef. No problems on any of the dives today.


After we get back to the dock and get cleaned up I meet mom and dad at Rattle n Hum for drinks. We hit Cafe Thailand again for dinner. This was one of the best restaurants we ate at in Cairns. After another stop at Rattle n Hum, I head back and work on organizing photos.

Wednesday, Mar 19th, 2014

Today is the last day diving with my dad. After getting picked up, carried on the boat then the safety and dive briefing we are heading to Hastings Reef. We are diving The Fish Bowl. The same dive site from our first day of diving. I get ready and in the the water as previous days. We see a turtle on our first dive and a turtle and giant wrasse on our second dive. After lunch we dive Magic Wall at Saxon Reef. Another good day of diving.


After returning to the dock and getting cleaned up, I stop at the TUSA dive shop to change my diving from Friday to Sunday because a cyclone that is due to hit land Friday. I meet mom and dad at Rattle n Hum then have dinner at Montezuma’s Mexican restaurant. It is accessible off Sheridan Street with eating areas both inside and outside. They do have an accessible bathroom but the hallway door is very heavy. We stop by Gilligan’s to meet some of the crew from the TUSA dive boat for bingo again. I stay late and drink with Will, Kris, Lauren and Irene from TUSA.

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