Cairns, AU – Saturday, Mar 15, 2014

I get picked up at 7:25am by the TUSA bus and once to the dock Kris carries me on the boat. I’m still a little nervous about diving not knowing what happened yesterday. The first dive site today is Flynn Reef. It’s about 1-1/2 hrs to the dive site and we get the safety briefing like the last two days on the boat. It is a beautiful sunny day today. Will is back today and he is our dive guide once again. Will gives me the dive briefing then helps me get ready and we get in the water. Dad stays close to me while descending to make sure there are no issues. I descend with no problem and have a very good dive. We see our first turtle. Visibility is about 50 feet and there is no current. On the second dive at Flynn Reef we see Wally the Humphead Maori Wrasse. Wally hangs around by the boat and greets the divers. The last two dives were the best so far. We move to Thetford Reef – The Horseshoe for our last dive today.


Will carries me to the seat to take my wetsuit off then into the lounge. I had no problems diving today. Yesterday, I believe I had my regulator too loose in my mouth while descending and it came out. I’m very relaxed diving, maybe too relaxed. I need to be more aware when diving and remember my training. Dad and I have a beer on the way back to Cairns. The TUSA bus takes me back to my hostel and I get showered before meeting my parents at Rattle n Hum for a drink. Before dinner we stop by TUSA dive shop to book diving for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Dad can only dive Tuesday and Wednesday because him and mom are flying out to Queenstown, New Zealand Thursday afternoon. We have dinner at Perrotta’s at the Gallery on the corner of Shields Street and Abbott Street. There is only outside seating accessible from the art gallery ramp. There is a bathroom but it is not accessible. The food was very good but during dinner you have to listen to thousands of birds in the tree close to the restaurant. We go back to Rattle n Hum for drinks after dinner and I head to bed early for a long day on the tour tomorrow.

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