Melbourne, AU – Tuesday, Feb 18th, 2014

After a long day on The Great Ocean Road I slept in then had a phone interview with Cindy from Bulter/Warren Pulse newspaper.  The phone interview was going well until the wifi dropped.  We tried 2 more times but the call dropped each time.  Hopefully we can finish up the interview when I get to Perth, AU.  I left around 1pm to have lunch with Lorraine, who I met in Queenstown, and her brother Dean.  Dean is in a wheelchair with MS.  They drove in from Sydney with a few stops on the way to visit family.  Dean is visiting from England and will be staying until April.  We have lunch at Degraves Espresso on Degraves St.  There is a step to get up to the restaurant and seating outside in the alley.  We sit in the alley street with a curb to go down.  It was a nice lunch and not eating alone for change was good.  I head back to Nomads to get laundry done before I go to Alice Springs tomorrow.  Most of the places I’ve stayed you can purchase laundry powder at the reception desk.  You can do this at Nomads but they have no more powder.  So I will have to do laundry when I get to Alice Springs.  I get closer to getting caught up on writing and try to post on my blog but the wifi is so slow I don’t get much posted.  I take a break and hit happy hour at Nomads then return to my room to work on writing and posting again.

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