Auckland, NZ/ Melbourne, AU – Friday, Feb 14th, 2014

I get up early to pack as check out time is 10am.  Super Shuttle pick up is not until 12:45pm so I hang in the City Lodge lounge for a couple hours.  I don’t arrive in Melbourne until 5:15pm.  I take the Skybus shuttle from the airport which has accessible buses with a small ramp to Southern Cross Station.  Then take a Skybus shuttle which has a lift to Nomads Hostel.  Nomads has one entrance with 5 steps and another to the right that’s accessible from the sidewalk.  Once in they have a lift to the main level.  I get someone’s attention to lower the lift and a Nomads manager comes over.  The lift has been broken since January and they are still waiting on parts.  There is a deck around back that has two steps they can build a ramp.  He helps me up the steps and I check in.  I drop my luggage in the room and head to the bar in Nomads.  The room is very basic no TV, no phone, no coffee marker and no A/C.  Just 4 walls, a bed and bathroom.  The bar has a pool table and a nice deck.  Not a good thing for me to have a bar and pool table in the hostel.  I have a few beers and play a game of pool by myself.  Charlie, another traveler at Nomads, asks if I want to play a game.  We are now playing slop and two shoot rule.  If you have a foul (scratch, miss hitting your ball) your opponent gets two shoots unless they make a ball on their first shot.  We play and I beat him.  The ramp is built later that night and it is steep.  I tell the same manager that the ramp is probably too steep but I’ll try it out tomorrow.  I head to bed

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