Wellington, NZ/Auckland, NZ – Sunday, Feb 9th, 2014

Check out time is 10am and I don’t get picked up by Super Shuttle until 1:25pm.  After check out I hang out in the lounge area spending 1 hour on the internet then 2 hours writing trying to get caught up.  By now I’m only 2 days behind in writing but still need to work on reviews of the places I’ve stayed and accessibility of the city.  I arrive in Auckland, NZ around 4:15pm and make it to City Lodge by 5:00pm.  Super Shuttle worked good again and I hope I can use them when I get back to Australia, much cheaper than a cab.  Auckland is pretty hilly and City Lodge is halfway up a fairly big hill.

DSCN2353 DSCN2354

After checking in I talk with reception about how to get around the city and tour options.  He thinks wheeling down Vincent St. to Queen St. then down Queen St. to the wharf should be no problem.  Getting back up I can take the red inner-city bus that will take me from the wharf up to Pitt St. then down two hills to City Lodge.  It’s only $.50 for a ride.  Two tour options are Waiheke Island and Rotorua Day Tour.  I also ask about a close bike shop since I’ll need help putting on the new brake.  I need part of Wednesday open to do this.  Wheeling down Vincent St. from City Lodge to Queen St. there’s 3 steep hills to go down to get to Queen St. which has a slight down slope to the wharf.  Once down to the wharf it’s flat.  I find where to get picked up by red inner-city bus.  I hope this works because the only other solution back up to the hostel is a cab.  I wheel around the wharf some and have dinner at QC Lounge on Queen St.  It’s accessible with an accessible bathroom.  While at QC Lounge I get a little down having to deal with hills for 5 more days.  I’m sick of having to wheel up and down hills on a daily basis.  Plus I haven’t had a real shower in 6 days or done laundry in 10 days.  I head back early taking the red inner-city bus to Pitt St. which works out well.  I finally get a real shower and decide to watch the movie Ted on my MacBook Air and head to bed.

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