Auckland, NZ – Tuesday, Feb 11th, 2014

I wake up at 8am to get ready for the wine tour.  I have a knock on my door at 8:45am, John the owner of NZ Winepro, shows up for my pick up.  He is very rude that I’m not ready even after showing him the piece of paper with 10:35am pick up time.  I’m not close to getting ready so I ask if he has openings Wednesday or Thursday, he says “no” and says he has to leave for another pick up.  After I get ready I head back out to reception and my brake has come in.  Joelle, who works reception at City Lodge, has been very helpful and has the same feeling as me about how rude John was.  She said he came in the lodge  being very rude wanting to know where I was and why I’m not ready for my pick up.  Another guy working, possible manager, says they won’t use him again.  They were working on trying to find another tour for me while I was getting ready but they were all booked or were not on small mini buses.  I worked with Joelle booking Flexi Tours to Rotorua for Wednesday.  Pick up time 6:40am I will be ready.  I head back to Giant Bike and Jason is off today but Rohan has no problem putting the brake on for me.  Brake fixed I stop by I Site Visitor Center, which was very helpful in Wellington, to hopefully get a tour scheduled for Thursday.  They call and leave messages for two tour operators so instead of waiting around I visit the Maritime Museum and will go back in a few hours to see if they have an responses.  The museum is accessible on the wharf with an elevator, a ramp to the Sir Peter James Blake exhibit, winner of The America’s Cup for New Zealand, and has an accessible bathroom.

DSCN2410 DSCN2417

After the museum, I go back to I Site and Aotea Rodies uses a mini bus and can take me on the Southern Secrets Tour.  Right now I’m the only one on the tour but they will take me even if I’m the only person, so I book the the tour for Thursday.  I have dinner at an Italian restaurant, Covo, on Fort Street.  It has a small lip through the entrance to the dining room.  I sit at the outside eating area on Fort St.  They do have a bathroom but it is not accessible.  I take the red city bus back to Pitt St. and stop by the Family Bar for a beer then head back to City Lodge.

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