Chrischurch, NZ – Monday, Feb 3rd, 2014

Super Bowl Monday!!! I start the day visiting the Catholic Cathedral which was also damaged heavily from the earthquake.


Super Bowl is at The Town Ball.  They have an accessible entrance on Southwark St. but you have the get an employees attention to open the gate.  The bathrooms are located in a building outside but they do have an accessible bathroom in the bar.  After the blow out Super Bowl I go to the rebuilt Cathedral Junction, which Sean worked on rebuilding.


I continue my trek through the city to Victoria Square and Cranmer Square.  Victoria Square was damaged from the earthquake and Cranmer Square looked like Latimer Square, an open grass field.  I meet Sean and Foxy at Stray Dog for drinks before I leave then we head to The Irishman for one last game of pool.  I beat Sean(right) and Foxy each the last game I played them.  I was great hanging out with them for 5 days and made Christchurch enjoyable with not much to do since the earthquake.


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