Sydney, AU – Monday, Jan 6th, 2014

Monday I headed back to Darling Harbour to see the Sydney Wildlife Park.  The harbour is much less crowded than Friday.  I probably should have waited to see the aquarium during a week day.  Before going to the Wildlife Park, I took the opportunity to get information on the train system, taking the ferry to Taronga Zoo, getting to Bondi Beach and Allianz Stadium for the Sydney FC soccer match.  I can take the train to and from Kings Cross Station to Martin Place Station.  Taking the train will save me about 40 minutes wheeling plus the wear and tear on my arms.

The Wildlife Park is good but I did enjoy the aquarium much better.  The park is very accessible.  It does have a series of 5 switch back ramps to start about 50 feet long each.  There is an outdoor feeding area in the kangaroo exhibit where the staff are working on feeding them by hand in hopes visitors will be able to hand feed.
DSCN0877 DSCN0922 DSCN0929 DSCN0900
I took the T4 train back to Kings Cross for dinner and it was very easy to use.  There is about a 6″ lip up to the train so you need to make the train staff aware that you will need the ramp.  The cost was only $3.80 for a one way ticket compared to a $15 cab ride plus the train took just 5 minutes.
On the “Currently In” tab, I’ve attached a map of the places I’ve visited since arriving in Sydney, AU.

3 responses to “Sydney, AU – Monday, Jan 6th, 2014

  1. So glad you are doing well and really having a great time. You are sure missing the deep freeze here! Take care.

  2. The pictures are great. The aquarium looks very well stocked. The map shows how much you have been wheeling around. Looks like you have on the go every day.

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