Trip planning update

Today I booked my flight from Dayton to Los Angeles, the beginning flight for my trip.  I now have all my flights booked except my flight from Cairns, AUS to probably home or another destination and all my lodging booked for the entire trip.  I have a change of plans in New Zealand.  I will be staying in Queenstown, NZ for 11 days now instead of taking a 5 day trip to Te Anau, NZ.  The transportation prices to Te Anau are very expensive.  It will be cheaper to stay in Queenstown an extra 5 days and possibly take a helicopter ride to Milford Sound, NZ for a day trip than pay for transportation to and from Te Anau.  I’m now making a list of things to do in every city I’m visiting.  The year is going fast and I still have a lot of planning to do.

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